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Saturday, 18 November 2017


Posted By: Oladiti Atm - 14:55

Intel has introduced a brand new Solid State Drive (SDD) which could save up to 1 Petabyte of data, using less power. They’ve termed it “Ruler”. It is sufficient to store 70 decades of nonstop videos and about 300,000 high definition movies. All these slim-shaped devices are created for server racks at which they will have the ability to extensively increase the quantity of storage space.
The title, “Ruler” is given due to its long and skinny form that completely ditches heritage 3.5 and 2.5 inch formats employed for traditional hard disk drive. Since Solid State Drives do not have engines (contains only variety of chips), new form variables were introduced like PCIe card and M.2 slots, in order to deliver promising non-volatile storage technologies.
Together with the elimination of constraints on size and contour, Ruler delivers a huge quantity of storage space with reduced cooling and power requirements. The new drive is using Intel’s 3D NAND technologies, making it possible to keep around 1 PB in a 1U server. To achieve the exact same amount of storage with 10 Terabyte hard drive, you want a totally loaded 100-bay 4U server.

Price and Release Date Are Not Confirmed?

Regrettably, Intel has not provided any detailed information. No words on straps or dimension, however, it is anticipated that they might utilize a normal SATA or U.two SAS-3 connector.

What Else They’re Introducing?

The ruler isn’t the device Intel showed in August 2017, they’re also looking to establish 3D NAND port SSDs port SSDs and technology to get high-availability, mission critical programs. This will provide better failover and redundancy.
Port SSDs should replace SAS and HDDs SSDs. This new storage technology promises to deliver more bandwidth and IOPS with reduced latency.
The generation 32-layer 3D NAND technology could reduce storage price, maximize server efficiency and decrease host disruptions.

Best Recovery Software’s For Recovering Lost Data

Posted By: Oladiti Atm - 14:55

Data is the crucial thing when it comes to the digital world or anything, data is most important thing, that may be in audio, video, or even image format it doesn’t matter data is a data and we lost that data easily in digital things, like we delete our data unwantedly or it just get’s deleted unknowingly by us or by your children or anyone. But the problem should be faced by you right. So today we will take a look at how to get our data back with Recovery software’s.

Recovering Lost Data

Data when it is lost it is very difficult to recover that data, especially when the memory table is rewritten by other data items in the memory right, so you have to be careful enough while recovering your crucial data. Have you ever lost your data on your system by you or any other, you got loss of your data? it is very frustrating right, yes it is because I personally lost my lots of data when I was a kid and the worst part is I had lost the data of my parents (Most important one) that is like hell I literally got scolded by parents and guess what no touching of computers (Real hell guys trust me). Then I don’t know how to do it, but now I do know how. If you don’t know how either then you’re in the right place guys skim through the below information to know how.
So let’s get our deal begun, Recovering data is not simple and the recovery of 100% data is not possible in some cases, but most of the cases you most probably get the whole data. There are some methods data cannot be recovered when it is deleted using special methods or when the memory table of that data is overwritten by other data ( when this happen it is almost impossible to get your data back.) if this is the cause loose the hopes, But if this is not the case below software’s can help you get the data back.

List Of Best Recovery Softwares

Here are some of the best free recovery software’s that you can download online and give them a try.
  • Restoration
  • Pandora Recovery
  • PhotoRec
  • Undelete 360
  • Recuva
  • TestDisk
  • MiniTool Partition Recovery
  • Wise Data Recovery
  • Puran File Recovery
  • PC inspector file recovery
  • Kickass Undelete
This are the best according to my knowledge, I use one of this software actually to recover my lost data. Once I had deleted 150 Gigs of data unknowingly and got into trouble again, But fortunately, I was able to recover those 150 gigs of data successfully I mean every single bit of it, yes every single bit and I was so relieved at that time. This software’s actually do work give them a try and let me know if any of it worked for you I may suggest you another related software or I will tell you the solution (Most probably).

But the there is a sad part in this because sometimes we cannot even get a single file, and there are several reasons for that to happen, some of them are the files got permanently deleted for your memory table because that free space got occupied by other data. If that happens to you, you may leave the hopes or try the advanced techniques if you are a geek, or hire a security professional to get your data back, those people can do more than us because they just code something to get the problem solved or anything to get your data back. Go for the professionals only if the data is most important like your life and death depends on it  cause it costs a lot more than you imagine. So take my free advice guys that, don’t let your data get’s deleted take a good care of it cause everything depends on that data.

How To Delete Inactive Facebook Friends In a Minute

Posted By: Oladiti Atm - 14:54

Facebook Friends are most welcome in our Facebook accounts. We know a lot of friends in our practical world. But we don’t know a lot of Facebook Friends of our Facebook accounts. Facebook Friends list can’t exceed 5000 Friends. Of these 5000 friends there are some fake or deactivated or inactive Facebook Friends. But if you want to check every Facebook Profile manually then you will need a lot of time and of course it is really very tough for everyone of us. Today I will show you the trick to delete Inactive FacebookFriends with the help of a small Google Chrome Extension named ‘Facebook Inactive Friends Removal’. To Perform this trick you must have to install the Google Chrome Browser. It will not work in any other browser than Google Chrome.

How To Delete Inactive Facebook Friends In a Minute

  • Open the Google Chrome Browser.
  • Go to The Page by Clicking HERE
  • Now you have to install it. So click on Free (which is upper right corner in blue button). It will start automatically download and install.
  • After the completion of installation of the extension it will be added to the browsing bar at the right handed corner.
  • At that corner you will see a man with Facebook sign “f”. If you can see then you have to understood that you have installed the extension perfectly.
  • Now you have to find out the inactive Facebook friends.

How to use it:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Now click on the Upper Right Handed Corner ‘Facebook Inactive Friends Removal’ Icon like the image below.
  • A box will pop-up like the image below saying that “You are on the wrong Page, click here to open.” So click on this sentence.
  • Now you Facebook friends list will open. Now click the ‘Facebook Inactive Friends Removal Icon‘ from the upper right handed browser corner like the 1st image above.
  • Now again the Pop Up box will open saying “START“. So click on Start like the image below.
  • Now the main work has been started. Wait a while. The extension will find out and delete the inactive Facebook Friends automatically.
  • When the job will will done then it will provide you or show you the result by popping up a box like the image below saying Removed x Deactivated Accounts.
  • Now check the total number of your Facebook Friends and of course you have to say it is really awesome.
  • If you have a lot of Facebook accounts then you can apply this trick in every account to delete Inactive Facebook Friends instantly.
  • Remember this extension will only work in Google Chrome Browser. It is not possible to install it in other browsers. So don’t try it in other browsers.


Posted By: Oladiti Atm - 14:53

Learn about the underlying systems

 To have knowledge about programming languages is the main part of software development. It is also very important for developers to be aware about what’s going on lower down the stack.Pete Bull, a support engineer at Acquia said, “Lots of languages abstract away from what is happening at the system level, and that abstraction is useful because it allows developers to be more productive much of the time. But when you hit a roadblock, a really nasty bug, and need a deeper understanding of what’s happening under the hood, well it’s a useful skill to be able to debug a process and look at the system calls and really see how a piece of code is interacting with the rest of the system.
Similarly, Robert Douglass, VP of Customer Satisfaction with Platform.sh told IT World that “When I was just beginning programming, there were a lot of things that I really didn’t understand about computers themselves. File systems, networking, and how things are kept in memory are three obvious examples. This meant that I would not necessarily understand the goals of some of the programming constructs I was being presented with.”

Know command line tools

There are chances that as a developer you may spend most of your time working on a code editor or a fancy IDE. However, also knowing how to execute things at the command line could sometimes make your life easier.
A 20-year veteran programmer, who wished to remain anonymous, told IT World, “Sometimes you find yourself on a machine where stuff has to be done right now and tools are very limited. Know the shell like you know how to breathe. Tools like find, comm, diff, vi/vim, sed, awk. How to write little scripts right on the command line to find the file that needs to change right f’ing now because production is broken and Joe who fat fingered a URL in said unknown file is on vacation in Fiji.”
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Bull, who started using Microsoft tools, then slowly moved to Linux, agreed, saying, “I would have learned the ins and outs of the command line and all of the useful utilities that are available on a *nix system. I can actually recall code that I wrote years ago, and probably spent days or weeks working on, that probably could have been done better in a grep + awk one-liner.”

Your debugger is your friend

As a coder, you will be spending majority of your time in tracking down bugs. Dave Varon, a bioinformatics developer at Novartis, highlighted the advantage of a debugger and it how can overshadow the initial costs of your time. “Learn to use your debugger!” he told IT World. “Take that extra day or two to configure it. When you don’t see the expected result, just debug it: set breakpoints, step through your code, and esp. 3rd party code. It will save you days of frustration, and even better, you will learn things about coding you can only learn by reading someone else’s code.”

Learn to write tests

Some developers feel that it is critical to do unit testing, which means to write tests to authenticate that small units of code are doing what they should. Among those people is Richard Handloff, a database developer with Strategic Power Systems. In an email to IT World, he wrote, “I think the best bit of advice I’d give someone who wants to learn to program is to learn to write good tests and learn to write your tests really early in the process.”
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Plan on change and learning new systems

With technology changing quickly these days, the underlying systems, languages, and tools used by programmers also go through changes.
Adam Wulf, a mobile developer and founder of Milestone Made, suggests that new coders need to be prepared, and stay ahead of change. “Right now, I’m of the mind that you should plan to learn essentially brand new technology stack every ~ 4 years,” he said. “Good foundational knowledge is always applicable, but the tools and tech you’ll use every day will be completely different every 4 years.”
“Projects are never written in just one language using one framework anymore,” said the developer who wished to remain anonymous. “You are never going to work on just one thing in one project, get used to moving from project to project and from language/technology to language/technology,” he wrote.

Play well with others

Even though the conventional thought is that programmers work alone, developers still have to work with other people. Ben Miller, the CTO of Sinclair Digital Ventures, stressed on the significance of being able to work as a part of team to your career success. “Big projects mean lots of moving parts coming together and how they fit together and divide up the problem can create impossible engineering problems if you aren’t careful.” he wrote via email to IT World. “Before trying to optimize that one algorithm, work with the team and make sure there isn’t a re-division of the problem that makes each person’s problem simpler. Coding is a team sport!”
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Reiterating the significance of people skills, Varon says, “If you can’t figure it out yourself by re-intuiting the API or debugging, ask for help. Just because you think you’ve written a masterpiece doesn’t mean it isn’t crap or can’t be better. Just like in college, other people in the room have the same questions, or questions only you can answer. Develop a rapport with colleagues. Often just stating the problem aloud enables a eureka moment.”
An anonymous source who shared a similar thought on the advantages about being a team player told IT World, “Stepping up to the plate and doing what is asked of you even though it is grunt work will keep you employed as well,” he said. In that situation, he also warned, “But be careful, you may get stuck doing it all the time.”

Don’t be afraid to code yourself out of a job

Miller had a rather interesting piece of advice which, at first blush, may not appear instinctive. “Coding yourself out of a job gets you promoted,” he told IT World. “Find the simplest way to solve problems and make your code resilient and maintenance free and people will give you more and more to do. They will even ask you to teach others to do what you do,” he explained. “In short, worrying about (or at least coding for) job security puts a damper on your career.”

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